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My name is Valerie Umbricht. I have a degree as a graphic designer (EFZ) and I do freelance work in this field. The focus on my graphic work is in printmedia. Flyers, logos and magazines etc. you name it. My clients have been mostly small local buissnesses or private personas so far . I am a very passionate digital illustrator and I would love to work more in that area. If you want to work with me, I am very pleased to hear from you!

Four years ago I started studying at the zHdK for my bachelors degree in art education. I graduated in 2018. I put the focus in my studies on the topic of textile-work, ceramics and painting/illustration. I also did a lot of Screenprinting. During university I did an internship in the art school of St. Gallen as a teacher for art-prep students. I also worked in several social institutions for children and teens with special needs. Until this day I am a part of the kleine Kunstschule in St. Gallen. We have after school programs for children and young adults who want to focus on their creative skills and we support them with their own projects. I did teach 4 different classes and I did a summer course in action painting. I love the work with all different kinds of people and I enjoy working in a good team. Since summer 2020 I also work in a community center in zurich and I teach screenprinting classes for adults and have an open painting course for all age groups. If you are interested in a project for your community or school don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

Valerie Umbricht
Wildeggstrasse 21
9000 St.Gallen